1917 follows two young soldiers during World War I, who are tasked with delivering a vital message to a distant British regiment that are about to unknowingly walk into a German trap. 1600 lives depend on the boys successfully making it through no man’s land alive, and the clock is ticking…

Masterfully shot to create the illusion of one long, continuous take, this is an incredibly immersive and often gruelling induction into the theatre of war, with viewers anxiously navigating the circuitous trenches and muddy battlefields alongside the protagonists. Dutifully capturing the spirit of his grandfather’s experiences in the Great War, filmmaker Sam Mendes has crafted a cinematic pressure cooker that evokes the intimacy and sustained intensity of Dunkirk. The personal approach drives home the horror of war and the humanity that is frequently overwhelmed by the visual spectacle of battle. Some films you watch, others you experience, and 1917 falls into the latter category. Technically complex and narratively simple, this is exemplary filmmaking that celebrates heroism, and cinema as an art form.

Interview with editor Lee Smith

Release Date: April 22, 2020
Format: DVD, Blu-ray, 4K
George McKay, Dean-Charles Chapman, Colin Firth

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