The Jungle Book

Any doubts that the Disney animated classic from 1967 required a live-action/CGI remake are dispelled once you lay eyes on this beautifully rendered adaptation from director John Favreau. It’s a talking animal movie that works without feeling weird, and thankfully two of the best songs from the animated version are included: ‘The Bare Necessities’ and ‘I Wan’na Be Like You’. It just wouldn’t be The Jungle Book without them. Out Aug 17.

Eddie the Eagle

Sporting underdog movies don’t get much more crowd-pleasing than the true story of young Brit Michael Edwards (Taron Egerton), who followed his dream to become an Olympic ski-jumper, even though he wasn’t really built for it and visually impaired to boot. From childhood to training and all the way to the big event, this is the perfect feel-good family flick to chase away those winter blues and offer an alternative in Olympics viewing. Out now.

Green Room

Patrick Stewart gets to play a villain for once in this dark and brutal horror-thriller, which alone makes it worth checking out. A punk band called The Ain’t Rights discover something ain’t right when they take an impromptu gig at a seedy rural dive, witness a murder, and have to fight their way past Stewart and his neo-Nazi goons to make it out alive. It’s nail-biting and nasty stuff, and also a chance to see the late Anton Yelchin in one of his last screen roles. Out Aug 17.

Bastille Day

Another action-thriller in the Die Hard mould, this time starring Idris Elba as a loose cannon CIA agent who pursues pickpocket Richard Madden (GoT’s Rob Stark) – who’s snatched a bag containing a bomb – through the streets of Paris. Slightly more sobering in light of recent events in Nice, Bastille Day is nevertheless an enjoyable thrill ride that makes you forget that the plot is more convoluted than it really needs to be. Out Aug 18.

Suicide Squad

Bad reviews be damned! Check out this anti-superhero action fest and decide for yourself – STACK had a good time. Assembling a bunch of expendable rogues to take on an arcane threat makes a nice change from Superman saving the day, but the real villain here is actually the ruthless government agent (Viola Davis) who recruits the likes of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Boomerang and Diablo. It does need more Joker, though. In cinemas now.