Alien: Covenant DVD CoverAlien: Covenant is set ten years after the events of Prometheus. the Covenant is a colony ship carrying two thousand pilgrims and a bank of embryos to a new world.

After an energy wave disables it and awakens the crew from hypersleep early, a strange transmission from a nearby planet warrants investigation. What they find is a habitable world where we discover what happened to Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and the synthetic David after they took off in search of the Engineers’ homeworld at the end of Prometheus.

Meet the crew of Alien: Covenant

We also find out how the Engineers’ bioweapon ultimately becomes the iconic, projectile-jawed and acid-blooded Xenomorph. Alien: Covenant continues to explore the philosophical themes of playing god and the nature of creation raised in Prometheus, before kicking into high gear as a fully fledged Alien movie. There’s a computer called Mother, an “express elevator to hell” dropship descent, scuttling facehuggers, some cool – and very bloody – variations on the chestburster, a synthetic that can’t be trusted, and an alien loose aboard a starship. In other words, everything fans love and want from the franchise.

Alien set for 4K debut!

Release Date:  16 August 2017
Format:  DVD Blu-ray 4K
   Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup

Checkout the video of going in utero with Alien: Covenant – eww!

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  • Commentary by Ridley Scott
  •  Deleted and Extended Scenes
  •  Featurette: Phobos



  • Master Class: Ridley Scott
  •  Featurettes:
    – Meet Walter
    – The Last Supper
    – The Crossing
    – Advent
  •  12 Deleted and
    Extended Scenes
  •  Theatrical Trailers
  •  David’s Illustrations



  • Limited Edition Blu-ray Steelbook with Exclusive Artwork



Alien: Covenant features an early form of the alien, known as the Neomorph. In creating it, Ridley Scott referenced the original alien design by H.R. Giger as well as the Goblin Shark – a strange deep-sea predator with translucent skin and a hinged jaw.

“Designing the Neomorph was tough,” notes the director. “It was a big challenge that came about because I had to have something in addition to the usual suspect. I didn’t want that to wear out – I wanted to save him. The Neomorph, in a way, is the first generation of an alien, but it needs a human life form to cop on to and, if you like, mix with, copulate with.”

Alien: Covenant is out on Aug 16