Annabelle Creation DVD CoverThe origin of the diabolical doll introduced in The Conjuring is finally revealed in this second spin-off feature.

She was created by toymaker Samuel Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia) for his seven-year-old daughter, Annabelle, whose life is cut tragically short in a freak accident. 12 years later, Mullins and his reclusive wife (Miranda Otto) have turned their rambling rural home into an orphanage for girls, and after one of them discovers the doll locked away in a closet, all hell inevitably breaks loose.

Annabelle: Creation is a carnival spook house ride with all the trademarks of the James Wan school of scaremongering: an old dark house, a demonic presence, an old ditty on vinyl repeat, eerie photographs and possessed children. The plot is all over the place but the frights come thick and fast; fans of this brand of supernatural horror won’t be disappointed.

Release Date:  8 November 2017
Format:  DVD Blu-ray
Anthony LaPaglia, Samara Lee, Miranda Otto

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