And the stars look very different today…4K October 2017 - Apollo 13

Ron Howard gives great feel-good movie, even if often they’re born from tragedy – or, in this case, near tragedy. So, how does his genuinely classic space flick Apollo 13 fare on 4K Ultra HD? Is it ace, or does it have a problem?

The story: Who needs fiction when this incredible adventure is based on actual events from the Apollo 13 mission to the moon of April, 1970? It was the third such sortie into space, and the public had become kind of blasé about just how incredible the feat really was. But when things went awry and it looked like the three men aboard might not make it back to Earth, people sure got interested again real quickly…

The 4K disc: Can a film from 1995 really look as good as this?! If it’s been remastered from the original film and unleashed in pure 4K like Apollo 13 then yes, yes it can. Detail down to little labels on littler buttons is stunning, while blacks just go about their business as they should – blackly – and the HDR makes brighter scenes boom. Speaking of boom, that DTS:X sound! Sit in the middle of the rocket launch and try not to grin wildly. Oh, and for your second and third watches there’s a director’s commentary as well as a captivating one with the captain of the mission featured, astronaut Jim Lowell, and his wife Marilyn.

Release date: October 4, 2017
Format: 4K Ultra HD
 Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon

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