Australian director Shannon Murphy’s accomplished feature debut gives the terminally-ill-teen-drama a new lease on life.

Adolescent love in the shadow of death has been played out with maximum waterworks in films like The Fault in Our Stars, but Murphy isn’t interested in the mawkish clichés associated with the genre, investing her cancer-stricken protagonist, 16-year-old Milla (Eliza Scanlen), with a lust for life and for her new boyfriend, Moses (Toby Wallace). This feral, twenty-something drug dealer isn’t the kind of guy you’d invite home to meet your bourgeois parents, but Milla’s therapist father (Ben Mendelsohn) and musician mum (Essie Davis) are a highly dysfunctional pair who, while initially aghast, come to realise Moses might be exactly what their daughter needs right now. A vibrant coming-of-age tale that celebrates life and first love.

Local Hero – Shannon Murphy

Release Date: October 28, 2020
Format: DVD
Eliza Scanlen, Toby Wallace, Ben Mendelsohn

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