4K March 2020 - Beauty and the Beast (2017)Emma Watson is a beauty and Dan Stevens is a beast in Disney’s 2017 live action (and CGI) take on, yes, Beauty and the Beast. So, how does the French fairy tale scrub up on the format? Est-ce la beauté ou la bête?

The story: If you’re familiar with the 1991 animated Disney classic then the basic story here will be familiar, but certain parts have been fleshed out or otherwise embellished, so there will still be a surprise or two (or perhaps even more!) in-store. So, in a nutshell, Beauty meets Beast – who is really a prince under a curse – they don’t hit it off, Beauty gradually warms to Beast, the curse is broken and, of course, they live happily ever after. Plus, their crockery stops walking and talking and singing and dancing – a definite plus.

“Think of the one place that you’ve always wanted to see. Now find it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart.”

The 4K disc: Beauty and the Beast was shot digitally, and it shows here with a super-clean, mostly razor sharp transfer. It may be upscaled from 2K, but fans of the film are sure to be rapt with how it looks on the 4K Ultra HD format. HDR does its thing nicely, most noticeably in snowy scenes and a torchlit sequience towards the movie’s end that perfectly shows off the extended range of dark through light that the tech allows.

Audio, meanwhile, comes via Dolby Atmos. Give it a wee volume nudge and it’s a good little soundtrack, that becomes huge when the various songs kick in. These use the surround and height channels deftly, while there’s some cool general use of the rears throughout. Dialogue remains crystal clear at front and centre (where appropriete), while bass is pleasing without threatening your residence’s foundations.

This is a single 4K disc release with no extra features.

Release date: March 4, 2020
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans

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