4K December 2020 - Beverly Hills CopOne of Eddie Murphy’s most classic comedies, 1984’s Beverly Hills Cop, makes its way to 4K Ultra HD. But what’s it like? Is it Axel A or Axel F?

The story: The heat is on when a Detroit cop reaches peak culture clash as he experiences the wilds of Beverly Hills while investigating the murder of an old friend.

“This is the cleanest and nicest police car I’ve ever been in in my life.”

The 4K disc: Well, this is easily the best that we’ve ever seen Axel Foley at work. A native 4K transfer delivers Dolby Vision enhancement that brings new life to life to the movie’s depiction of Beverly Hills, particularly in outdoor scenes which look wonderfully natural. The extra range of dark to light also benefits elsewhere, especially on some inside shots. Film grain is ever-present, and is generally unobtrusive unless you choose to focus on it.

As much as we were hoping for a bit of an aural lemon twist, there’s been nothing new granted in the audio stakes, with an existing DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix in play. It’s very centre-heavy, to the point that even the opening truck chase delivers little in the way of sonic punch. Music generally fares pretty well – yes, all thoe classic tracks from Axel F to Neutron Dance – and dialogue remains clear throughout.

This is a single disc release, however we do get some extra features by way of deleted scenes, a mixtape, a trailer and a commentary from director Martin Brest.

Release date: December 9, 2020
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, Steven Berkoff

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