If a zombie apocalypse were to occur in Australia, the first impulse would be to go bush.

However, Cargo reveals the outback offers no sanctuary, as Martin Freeman discovers when he embarks on an unexpected journey to keep his baby daughter safe, whatever the cost. After being bitten, he has 48 hours to find a safe haven for the infant before he ceases to be human.

Directors Yolande Ramke and Ben Howling have expanded their 2013 short film (a Tropfest finalist) into a gripping and downbeat survival tale that’s more intent on breaking hearts than ripping them out. Bringing the apocalypse this close to home, with an indigenous perspective on the epidemic, invests Cargo with a haunting familiarity and a unique point of difference in the overcrowded zombie genre.

Release Date:  5 September 2018
Format:  DVD Blu-ray
  Martin Freeman, Susie Porter

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