4K December 2017 - The Dark Knight Rises

The finale to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy didn’t see the series falter, as we got Batman, Bane and Catwoman all at play in the one Gothamtastic flick. The almost three hour-long movie flew by, but how’s its 4K transition – natty or batty?

The story: Without resorting to spoilers, in the wake of The Joker’s antics in The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne decided that he’d had enough of the bat life and hung up the cowl, and the boots, and the cape, and the batarangs, and the rubber six-pack and – you get the picture. He’s been in exile for eight years, however when Gotham City needs a hero it turns out that he’s still there for them. The ‘Dent Act’ may have eradicated the majority of small-scale crime from Gotham, but when the merciless Bane drops by to deal a dash of big scale nuclear annihilation, the city needs some serious bat-brain and bat-brawn to – hopefully – save the day.

I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss…

The 4K disc: We fear that Christopher Nolan is going to get a big head from all the praise that we’re dishing out on his Dark Knight trilogy (because he reads STACK, of course), but we really can’t fault this transfer. As a fan of the format Nolan was heavily involved in this full 4K creation, including the wonderful HDR treatment. Another hybrid of full screen IMAX-filmed vision and 35mm widescreen, the former is pristine right from the opening aerobatics and as detailed as, erm, the most detailed of detaily things (check out the gridiron scene as a great example), while the letterboxed stuff bears the finest of fine grains, which are imperceptible at even close viewing range. It really is a stunner. As with the previous release in the trilogy, blacks are more cinema screen black than jet black, but it had no effect on our enjoyment of the film. As per the previous two Dark Knight 4K releases, sound is the original cinematic DTD-HD 5.1 Master Audio mix. While some may rue the lack of Atmos or even DTS:X, it’s a very powerful action-heavy soundtrack that had us fearing that dreaded knock from the neighbours.

Release date: December 18, 2017
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway

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The Dark Knight Rises is also available in the 21-disc (7x 4K, 14x Blu-ray) Christopher Nolan Collection

4K December 2017 - Christopher Nolan Collection

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