Most adults over the age of 40 will remember the moment when Teflon became the new asbestos. This common coating for frying pans and other kitchen items was discovered to be toxic (although its current form poses no risk).

The story of Teflon’s demise is told in Dark Waters, which chronicles a lawyer’s 20-year odyssey to expose the corporate cover-up and seek justice for the thousands of victims. Mark Ruffalo is excellent as the naïve defence attorney who bites off more than he can chew, and the quality support cast includes Tim Robbins, Anne Hathaway, Bill Pullman and Victor Garber. Directed by Todd Haynes (Far from Heaven), this social justice legal drama will appeal to those who enjoyed films like Erin Brockovich, North Country and Silkwood.

Release Date: June 17, 2020
Format: DVD
Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins

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