Vlad to the bone!Dracula Untold 4K Ultra HD

With Tom Cruise’s take on The Mummy hitting, Universal are taking the opportunity to unleash some of the other monster flicks that reside in their archives in 4K. One of the more recent, 2014’s dark and dramatic Dracula Untold, is the latest such release. Does it count, or does it suck?

The story: In a twist to Bram Stoker’s stories of Count Dracula that we all know, Dracula Untold aims to create an origin tale. As such, Luke Evans is Prince Vlad the Impaler, ruler of Transylvania. With his wife and son by his side it’s a happy little place, until the Turkish sultan starts turning screws and desperate, life-altering action is required to protect Vlad’s family and kingdom. Needless to say, blood will be drawn.

The 4K disc: Originally shot in 35mm, the effects for Dracula Untold were done in 2K, and this disc comes to us toting an upscaled 2K transfer. HDR does lovely things – as a rather dark but detailed film, occasional super-bright outbreaks literally had us recoiling like vampires. As for audio, the DTS:X Master Audio track is lively, with one particular bass-heavy jump scare almost having the brown note effect on us (erm, TMI – sorry!).

Release date: August 30, 2017
Format: 4K Ultra HD
 Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Charles Dance

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