4K September 2019 - Evil Dead 2The genius comedy/horror combo of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 hits home on the 4K Ultra HD format. So, how does it scrub up? Should you shop smart, or stab it in the heart?

The story: Ash Williams – aka Ashy Slashy. It’s the role that we all know and love Bruce Campbell for, and Evil Dead 2 is arguably the character’s greatest outing. Kicking off more or less where The Evil Dead left us via some historical revisionism, this one sees Ash and Linda do a second night at the cabin in the woods thing, with some human visitors and a bunch of tape recordings – and the contents that they summon – for company.

“Gimme back my hand… GIMME BACK MY HAND!”

The 4K disc: News that this is a newly-restored native 4K transfer will delight fans of the movie, as will knowing that it’s been given the Dolby Vision high dynamic range treatment. This was a relatively low budget flick featuring all manner of optical effects, and both of these variables are at play with what we see onscreen, in particular quite a lot of obvious film grain at various points. So, if you’re expecting a work of visual pristinity then you’re barking up the wrong tree. That being said, what we do get is easily the most magnificent that this movie has looked at home. All sorts of detail comes out that was lost in a morass of dinge previously, even on the standard Blu-ray release. The Dolby Vision gives a whole world of pop to the colours, especially, of course, those on the red spectrum.

Audio-wise, the existing DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix reappears – sadly there’s no fancy-schmancy Atmos or DTS:X treatment here. Those expecting a dynamic feast may be disappointed, but the sound mix does kick off with a bang and keep on going at much the same velocity. Surround effects are at times pleasingly unsettling, while at other times the mix is very front-centric. Bass does its thing well when called upon – which is fairly often. This isn’t a demo quality sound mix, but fans of the film are sure to delight in it.

As for extras, the 4K disc itself features an ace commentary track with Campbell, Raimi, make-up guy Greg Nicotero and co-writer Scott Spiegel, as well as a groovy doco that runs to almost 53 minutes, entitled Bloody and Groovy, Baby: A Tribute to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2. Two standard Blu-rays are also included, one featuring the movie, the other packed with a mass of stuff like interviews, featurettes, trailers and the same doco that’s on the 4K disc.

Release date: September 25, 2019
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks

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