4K October 2019 - Finding DoryThe sequel to Finding Nemo took 13 years to spawn, and now Finding Dory finds its way onto 4K Ultra HD. But how does it measure up? Should you fall for it hook, line and sinker, or just keep swimming?

The story: The favourite character of many who loved Pixar’s first fishy adventure gets her own movie, as Dory seeks to track down her dimly-remembered (like everything with her, of course) parents. Her quest leads her to an aquarium where she makes new friends, reunites with old and generally has a great old Pixar time. It may not have the initial grab of the original movie, but we’ve discovered that repeated views have uncovered new little bits and bobs that have pushed this one up our Pixar rankings over the years.

“I remember it like it was yesterday. Of course, I don’t really remember yesterday all that well…”

The 4K disc: That 13 years we mentioned back there? It certainly made a difference in Pixar’s available computing oomph. While Finding Nemo looks fabulous on 4K Ultra HD (read our review here), Finding Dory ups the ante. Given the 2K upscale treatment, it’s easy to just get caught up gaping guppy-like at the beautiful vistas, all of which are aided in their spectacular looks by the HDR coating afforded this release. A quick comparison with our trusty old standard Blu-ray just highlighted the advantages that HDR bring to releases such as this, with the old format looking duller and flatter – the HDR really brings Finding Dory to life like we’ve never experienced before.

A new Dolby Atmos mix has been created for this release, and it has fun pulling out all the tricks of the height channel trade to entertain. Give it that little extra nudge volume-wise that Disney discs tend to require and you’ll be rewarded with another immersive (sorry, we’re carp and really couldn’t help ourselves…) audio experience. The underwater swirls, the whooshes – everything – is as expertly placed as you’d hope, with some captivating excursions into surround sound. With that bumped volume, the sub channels deliver reasonably well when called upon, and the balance between score and dialogue is essentially perfect.

This is a single disc release that includes no bonus features.

Release date: October 2, 2019
Format: 4K Ultra HD
The voices of Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neill

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