Goon Last of the Enforcers DVD COverThis is ostensibly an ice hockey movie, that is also a sequel. Rest assured you don’t have to know anything about ice hockey, or the original, to derive pleasure from the mayhem masquerading as Canada’s favourite sport.

Seann William Scott is the hard man of his team but one too many hits, plus a bub on the way, means he has to put his career in deep freeze. When he sees the heart and soul of his team torn out by a rival, Scott is compelled to skill up with former arch nemesis Liev Schreiber, to have one shot at redemption. If you’re after a goofball comedy with plenty of punches to go with the punchlines, you won’t be skating on thin ice here.

Release Date:  13 September 2017
Format:  DVD Blu-ray
  Seann William Scott, Alison Pill, Marc-André Grondin

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