Happy Death Day DVD CoverGroundhog Day just keeps on giving and now it’s the slasher movie’s turn to get stuck on repeat.

Happy Death Day has a lot of fun with the premise of a victim who relives the day of her murder over and over, and must stop the killer in order to escape the loop. Sorority girl Jessica Rothe wakes up in a boy’s college dorm after a wild night. It’s her birthday, and she’s not keen on the fact there’s a ‘surprise’ party planned.

She never makes it, however, after running into a knife-wielding maniac in a sinister baby mask. At the moment of death she wakes up back in the dorm to the same annoying ringtone and thus continues the live-die-repeat scenario, with the manner of her murder changing each time. Although essentially a horror film, the tone is tongue in cheek rather than vicious, with an absence of jump scares and gore.

Happy Death Day is a throwback to post-Scream slashers like Urban Legend, and a welcome change from the current spate of paranormal activity.

Release Date:  17 January 2018
Format:  DVD Blu-ray
Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine

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  • Alternate Ending
  •  Deleted Scenes
  •  Worst Birthday Ever!
  •  Behind the Mask:
    The Suspects
  •  The Many Deaths of Tree


  • The Bayfield University Baby killer mask was designed by Tony Gardner, who also designed the Ghostface mask for the Scream franchise.
  • The original script, written by Scott Lobdell, included material intended to make the film R-rated. Some scenes involved grislier murders that were entirely altered by the film’s director, Christopher Landon.