4K November 2017 - The Grinch

Dr Seuss’ classic Christmas tale How the Grinch Stole Christmas is hijacked by Ron Howard and Jim Carrey for the movie treatment. An astonishingly lavish live action production, unlike the previous animated release (and the next one, with Benedict Cumberbatch Grinching it up), how does it fare on 4K Ultra HD? Is it a nommy Chrissie treat, or is it mean, hairy and smelly?

The story: Unless you were a deprived child you likely grew up with Dr Seuss’ tale of the mean old Christmas-despising Grinch. Everything about the celebration irritated him as he glared down at the citizens of Whoville from his mountain lair. But when he stole all their presents one Christmas yet they still celebrated on Christmas morning, his curiosity was piqued. Hmm, could a Scrooge-like metamorphosis take place? Howard’s take, with Jim Carrey simply scintillating as the grumpy old green dude, takes a few liberties with the original story – and a couple of odd, racier adult veers – but has become an instant seasonal classic for good reason. It’s quite literally a joy to behold – even with the odd bit of singing.

Max! Help me… I’m FEELING!

The 4K disc: First, the not quite so good news. While originally shot on film, and with most back catalogue releases getting the full 4K treatment, this one has an upscaled 2K transfer. Mind you, the 600 or so effects shots may have been done in a lower resolution, in which case they’d likely have looked bleah. Anyway, there’s a Christmas miracle to speak of here, and that’s the HDR treatment. This Seussian tale has simply never looked finer – compare it with the included Blu-ray version and prepare to be wowed. Sonically, a new DTS:X mix does what it needs to do with enthusiasm, especially when everybody gets all mushy and does that singing stuff – again with the singing! Oh, and the Ron Howard commentary is a must-listen for fans.

Release date: November 1, 2017
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Jim Carrey, Taylor Momsen, Christine Baranski

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