4K July 2019 - HulkYears before the MCU came along to make box office records quiver, Marvel’s big green bloke had his own flick. Now Hulk hits 4K Ultra HD, but how does it fare? Is it a smash, or a hash?

The story:  You likely know the tale. Clever-clogs science dude Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) has a bit of a laboratory accident, gets exposed to gamma radiation and tends to REALLY let loose from then on whenever he chucks a tantie. Not to mention that his complexion takes on a somewhat verdant pallor. But there are reasons for this alarming transformation beyond the accident, involving events from Banner’s past that soon come to the fore.

While perhaps not as action-packed as some would prefer, Ang Lee’s take on Hulk gives the character’s two distinct personas some depth beyond your typical comic book character, making for a much more emotional journey than most would usually expect from such a film.

“You’re making me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

The 4K disc: You’d have to be a hard taskmasker to have expected better from this often glorious native 4K transfer – this one definitely won’t make you angry. Despite the myriad creative wipes and other effects present, the vision is almost alarmingly detailed for the most part, with only some of the Hulk stuff tending to look like the special effect that he is. This was just as evident when watching it back in the day on boring old DVD though, when we thought that the big guy bounding along looked akin to Super Mario Hulk. The HDR only enhances the good stuff further, bringing a natural glow to natural things, while Mr Hulk has a very healthy green glow about him that Jack Bauer, should he be writing this, would likely describe as “nucular”.

Things are just as good sonically, with a rollicking DTS:X mix that flings sound all around both gleefully and effectively. The subwoofer also packs a decent punch when called upon, and in all this is a superbly balanced audio presentation.

There’s one extra on the 4K disc, which is a director’s commentary from Ang Lee. Swap that out for the handily included standard Blu-ray, however, and a small but perfectly formed bounty of extra stuff awaits. This includes deleted scenes, a “making of” and four featurettes.

Release date: July 10, 2019
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliott

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