4K August 2019 - Iron ManGround zero for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it, Iron Man hurtles onto 4K Ultra HD. So, how does it shape up? Does it fly right, or is it a bit wobbly?

The story:  When flamboyant – and rather clever – weapons peddler Tony Stark gets kidnapped while flogging his wares in Afghanistan, he manages to cobble together a flying suit to make good an escape. A crisis of conscience follows when he realises that his business isn’t necessarily supplying goods only to nice types, and he pivots Stark Industries into leaving the military market behind. Oh yes, and Iron Man is born in order to fight evil…

“I just finally know what I have to do – and I know in my heart that it’s right.”

The 4K disc: First things first: this is NOT the apparently quite woeful German 4K release of a couple of years back. Newly cast by Disney’s boffins – or at the very least smart types that they hired for this particular gig – the 2008 film comes up looking pretty great. Upscaled from a 2K master, we’re treated to a clear picture throughout that’s neither groundbreaking nor disappointing. HDR does its thing appropriately, giving quality black levels throughout and pleasing sorties into brightness without ever pushing into over-the-top territory, while visual blemishes are basically non-existent.

The news isn’t just good on the visual front, with a new Dolby Atmos mix created for this release – rather than just recycling the old 5.1 one. It makes noises from all the right places – erm, and the left ones, and the centre one, and the behind ones, and the height ones. The fighter jet scene is huge fun, and bass is fabulous – particularly when the arc reactor-powered shiny suit does its stuff. Pleasingly, dialogue never suffers amidst the din of other goings-on.

This is a single 4K disc package, with no included special features.

Release date: August 14, 2019
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges

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