Dogs are known for their unwavering loyalty, but as Wes Anderson’s second animated tale illustrates, their owners echo that devotion.

Isle of Dogs is the tale of a boy named Atari, his dog Spots, and a whole lot of politics – ancient cat and dog politics. Set in the near future, a dog flu virus has broken out in Japan’s Megasaki City, and although a cure is close, its cat-leaning mayor banishes all dogs to the city’s tip, Trash Island – including the trusty companion belonging to his orphaned nephew, Atari. The boy isn’t going to stand for this, however, and pilfers a plane to fly off and rescue his beloved pooch. Stop-motion animated with character oozing from every frame, and voiced by a star-laden cast of Wes Anderson regulars, Isle of Dogs possesses a unique charm and has a lot of love to give. Maybe that’s why the title is a homophone – “I love dogs”?

Wes Anderson, and the influences on Isle of Dogs.

Release Date:  18 July 2018
Format:  DVD Blu-ray
  Koyu Rankin, Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum

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