It Comes At Night DVD coverFollowing the outbreak of a killer disease, Joel Edgerton has holed up in a cabin in the woods with his wife and teenaged son.

When an intruder breaks in one night, they offer the man and his family sanctuary after determining there’s no risk of infection. But will this act of altruism result in safety in numbers or put everybody’s lives at risk? This minimalist survival thriller is a slow burn chamber piece that drops the viewer into a pressure cooker situation of escalating distrust and paranoia. Evoking chills through inventive editing, sound design and flickering lantern light – every nocturnal creak and bump has the potency of a good jump scare – It Comes at Night delivers a domestic breakdown full of ambigious horrors in the creepy tradition of The Witch.

Release Date: 4 October 2017
Format:  DVD Blu-ray
   Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo

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