Pixar’s mighty Monsters, Inc. has made it onto the 4K Ultra HD format. So, how does it go on the format? Will you be saying, “I love you, schmoopsie-poo!”, or should you put that thing back where it came from (so help me)?

The story: Many kids grow up scared of monsters – which, of course, are real, duh! What these little ones don’t realise, however, is that those nasty ol’ monsters are more scared of them, having been led to believe that they’re toxic. But there’s a reason that monsters venture bravely into the human world in the dead of night to frighten kids, and that’s because their world is powered by scream energy. The two top “scarers” at Monsters, Inc. are the team of Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, but there’s a problem – kids are getting less scared. Something needs to be done, but our guys are sidetracked when somehow a wee human enters their world. Eww, girl germs!

“Scary feet, scary feet, scary feet…”

The 4K disc: Monsters, Inc. was Pixar’s foruth movie, releasing in 2001. We’ve been unable to confirm this, but we are led to believe that the presentation here was sourced from when their back catalogue went through the 3D conversion process, as it looks fabulous – and belies its incredible age in computer animation years. Naturally the excellent image is aided by the addition of HDR, making an already colourful film pop that little bit more – but never to any sort of over-the-top effect. Shadow detail is good – especially in those darkened kids’ rooms – and in all for an almost 20-year-old computer animated feature, this looks the goods.

As with other 4K Pixar releases, a newly-created Dolby Atmos track is the order of the day, and we get a perfect example of what’s in store right from the start. The opening scene where a student monster bumbles its way through a failed scare shows off the surround directionality (the soccer ball), height channel placement (those sirens!) and the oomph of the subwoofer (THUD!). As with most Disney 4K releases, the volume needs a bit more of a nudge upwards than your typical 4K disc, but that’s easily done, and worth the minor effort involved. Meanwhile, those who like the musical stylings of Randy Newman will also be pleased to know that his soundtrack – including the Oscar-stealing If I Didn’t Have You – bursts with life throughout.

This is a single-disc release, with no included extras.

Release date: March 4, 2020
Format: 4K Ultra HD
The voices of Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Mary Gibbs

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