4K November 2020 - Mulan (1988)Before it went live action, Disney’s take on the Chinese legend of Mulan made for a captivating girl power animated feature. Now it’s on 4K Ultra HD, but is it a fiery adventure, or does it drag on?

The story: When a young girl’s injured father is called upon to join Chinese fighting forces, she decides to take his place. The only issue? No girls allowed. So, Mulan impersonates a male, but certain family members object and send a tiny dragon, Mushu, to work against her. Discovering how determined Mulan is, Mushu eventually succumbs and acts as protector rather than saboteur.

“My little baby, off to destroy people.”

The 4K disc: As with many other Disney animations, Mulan makes its way to our screens via an upscaled 2K transfer. The application of HDR is what really makes this particular transfer shine, with the movie exhibiting some very deep blacks at some points, while maxing out the brightness with others, in particular snowy scenes. Basically, it’s a good, solid transfer.

Audio is courtesy of a new Dolby Atmos mix. It certainly does its job, adding to musical moments and never letting effects or soundtrack overpower the dialogue. You won’t necessarily use it to demo your Atmos setup, but considering the audio’s older school origins, we think that fans will be very happy with what’s on offer.

This is a solo 4K Ultra HD disc release, with no extras.

Release date: November 11, 2020
Format: 4K Ultra HD
The voices of Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy, Pat Morita

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