4K April 2018 - Pitch Perfect 2

Three years on from their big screen debut, the Barden Bellas are faced with some issues in Pitch Perfect 2. Is there at least good news for them on the 4K Ultra HD front? Aca-yeah, or aca-nah?

The story: Now the defending three time national acapella champions, the Bellas are at the top of their game. So much so that they get to perform in front of the US President – however one quick Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) wardrobe malfunction later and they’ve brought shame upon themselves and their school (apparently – it was an accident, but it wouldn’t make for much of a movie set-up if it was just accepted as such, we guess). Banned from just about everything acapella, Beca (Anna Kendrick) cracks a deal with the school’s head: if the Bellas win the world championship they’ll get all of their rights back. All they have to do now is beat German sensations Das Sound Machine…

“You’re Beca effin’ Mitchell! You’re the big B.M.! You’re the most talented person I know – and I’ve met three of the Wiggles… intimately.”

The 4K disc: We could easily cut and paste this section from our review of the first Pitch Perfect flick, as the two releases are very similar technically, but we’re not quite that lazy. So, the film was shot on video, it was only finished in 2K, and so logically it’s an upscaled transfer that we get. With its HDR enhancement it looks an absolute treat, with eye-popping colour everywhere. Scenes with full-on stage lighting look particularly stunning. The audio is another new DTS:X track, and it’s aca-ace. While, like the vision, big stage scenes steal the show sonically, we reckon Rebel Wilson’s all-out Bumper-wooing assault on Pat Benatar’s We Belong is another highlight. As for on-disc 4K extras, there is one! It’s the commentary from first-time director (and half of the just-as-politically-incorrect-as-the-first-time Gail and John show) Elizabeth Banks and her fellow producers Paul Brooks and Max Handelman.

Release date: April 18, 2018
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld

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