The Pitches return for one last hurrah in the (supposedly) final entry in the series.

Beca and her fellow Bellas have now graduated college and are trying to find their feet in the real world. Separated for three years, the girls jump at a chance for a reunion party held by Emily and her gang of new Bellas, and Aubrey’s dad can give them one last chance to perform. The winner gets to open for DJ Khaled in a televised live performance, and the competition is no pushover. How will a capella compete with actual instruments?

Pitch Perfect 3 is a different entry in the PP universe, which is apparent right from its Mission: Impossible/James Bond-style intro. It’s also a satisfying conclusion to almost six years of a capella goodness. Make sure to stay during the credits for a cute behind-the-scenes reel from all three films. Aca-nostalgic!

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Release Date:  18 April 2018
Format:  DVD Blu-ray 4K
  Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld

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