4K March 2020 - Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig’s second outing as Bond, Quantum of Solace, is now on 4K Ultra HD. So, how does it shape up? Does it offer comfort, or distress?

The story: Bond shows his greenie credentials, getting environmental as the CIA look the other way when a green tech developer is up to no good in Bolivia. Meanwhile, an attempt on M’s life also keeps our agent busy as he flits from Haiti to Russia, via Austria (of course!) and beyond.

The 4K disc: A solid upscaled 2K transfer is the order of the day here, with added Dolby Vision dynamic range treatment. This lends the image some marvellous highs of whites and deep, deep blacks, in what is generally a detailed – if not jaw-droppingly stunning – presentation of the movie.

Sound comes via a pre-existing DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix that defies its lack of height channels to still fill your home theatre with relentless audio fun. The sub is pleasingly active right from the initial Aston Martin trip through scenic Italy, too.

This is a single 4K disc release, with no extra features.

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