4K November 2018 - RED 2

Age is no barrier to being actiontastic in the super-fun RED 2. It’s now lobbed on 4K Ultra HD, and how does it go on the format? Is it rosy, or will it make you puce?

The story: Former CIA bloke Frank Moses has supposedly retired, having hooked up with the lovely Sarah for a spot of domesticity. But just when he thought he was out… you know the rest. There’s a portable nuke on the loose, so it’s up to Moses and his reconvened team to get the thing out of nefarious hands. Much fun – and many explosions – ensue.

The first RED flick, based on the three-part DC Comics series, was a great example of action comedy, and this sequel lives up to its forebear. John Malkovich in particular shows his comic chops while, when not toting a machine gun, Helen Mirren is also more than up to the task. Actually, she lets the odd cool quip go while armed, so fans of the genre should find much to love here.

“Kids, what happens in the Kremlin stays in the Kremlin.”

The 4K disc: RED 2 hits with a transfer nabbed from the original 2K cinematic master, and features added Dolby Vision (and HDR, if appropriate) encoding. In all it’s a clean transfer that exhibits some really pleasing detail at times, while the aforementioned Dolby Vision/HDR adds extra life, from sparkly eyes to sunny skies.

This is one explosive movie, and the newly-created Dolby Atmos audio track featured is more than up to the task of delivering every boom, bang and kablooey with gusto. Objects hurtle above and around the viewer – at least sonically – while the subwoofer has its own mess of fun. That’s a good word for this, actually – it’s a really fun sonic experience.

The great presentation continues, with a selection of extra features included on the 4K disc. There’s over half an hour of featurettes, deleted scenes, a trailer and a gag reel.

Release date: November 28, 2018
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich

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