4K March 2020 - Red HeatIt’s an ’80s buddy cop action blast as Red Heat hits 4K Ultra HD. So, how does it perform on the format? Is it hot, hot, hot, or not, not, not?

The story: When talk turns to classic ‘80s buddy cop flicks, it’s usually Lethal Weapon, maybe Tango & Cash or even Turner & Hooch. But the entire genre pretty much kicked off in 1982 with Walter Hill’s 48 Hrs., and the much-underrated Red Heat was his return to the category in 1988. It’s an international mismatch blast as Arnie Schwarzenegger, a Russian cop who heads to the US in pursuit of a drug lord who killed his partner before fleeing the country, has to team with the laconic, wiseass Chicago cop Jim Belushi.

“Very strange city. The crime is organised, the police is not.”

The 4K disc: The vision here comes to us via a native 4K transfer that does its job well. Grain is present but, save for rare exceptions, it remains scarcely noticeable at normal viewing distances. This transfer has been given the Dolby Vision treatment (plus, of course, standard HDR), and its effect is noticed right from the outset as we go from the dark insides of a bath house to the bright outside snow, with shadow detail being particularly pleasing. Even Arnie’s near-naked bum scrubs up a treat! Generally, earthy tones are the order of the day, and they’re reproduced well.

A DTS Master Audio 5.1 audio mix features. It uses the surrounds to decent effect for score and ambience, but is still quite centre channel heavy. There’s not much by way of deep bass, and some of the sound effects (in particular gunshots) are a little odd sounding – which most likely comes down to choices made for the original foley work rather than any shortcomings in the audio track presented here.

Extras fans will be rapt to find a good selection ready and waiting on the 4K disc (the same ones also feature on the bonus standard Blu-ray disc that’s included). There’s a ~15 minute Arnie retrospective, four other featurettes, a making-of that runs to almost 20 minutes and, finally, the original trailer.

Release date: March 11, 2020
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Belushi, Gina Gershon

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