Release Date: 4 January 2017
Format:  DVD
Starring: Viggo Mortensen, George MacKay, Samantha Isler

We’d consider living off the grid, but the lack of internet? Nuh-uh! Ben (Viggo Mortensen) is quite the unconventional – yet definitely well-meaning – father of six kids, all of whom have unique (read “weird”) names and don’t have the same umbilical-like attachment to the ’net as us. As such they live mostly off the land within a forest. But when their wife/mother passes, Ben loads up Steve – the family bus – and heads into civilisation with his brood to pay their respects. It’s here that Ben’s ways of raising his kids are challenged at every turn, with most resistance coming from his wife’s family, who won’t even honour her final wishes. As it merrily messes with hero/villain tropes, Captain Fantastic raises many questions and answers very few. But it sure is one entrancing bus trip!

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