Release Date: 20 July 2016

STARRING: Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, Babou Ceesay

Eye-in-the-Sky-dvD_bigGame of drones. When high-tech surveillance uncovers an Al-Shabaab terrorist cell prepping suicide vests in a Nairobi safe house, the opportunity to eliminate them with a missile strike must be taken   

But a young girl selling bread in the vicinity creates a moral dilemma for supervising British Colonel Katherine Powell (a steely Helen Mirren) and US drone pilot Steve Watts (Aaron Paul) – can one civilian casualty be justified in order to prevent even greater loss of life? Gavin Hood’s topical and gripping thriller reveals the political wrangling involved in sanctioning a drone strike (collateral damage assessments and second guessing), and more pertinently, the agonising decisions facing those who fight the war on terror by remote control. Highly recommended.

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