Release Date: 14 December 2016
Format:  DVD Blu-ray
mechanic-packshotStarring: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones

Santos is back! Who? Well, Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham), hitman extraordinaire, faked his death as he wanted out of the business, and is living a quiet aliased life in Rio. It’s soon made much louder, however, by the arrival of a woman toting innumerable expendable hired goons. She wants Bishop to perform three hits for her boss – without them actually looking like hits. Artie doesn’t dig this scene, so he quickly despatches said goons and hightails it to Thailand, Here he meets Gina (Jessica Alba), falls head over heels, finds out she’s involved, sees her kidnapped and… Well, you can likely guess the rest. Statham remains the cream of the current action crop, and we lost count of the body, erm, count quickly in this extremely watchable travelogue action-fest, which is made even better due to bonus Tommy Lee Jones.

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