Release Date: 18 January 2017
Format:  DVD Blu-ray
Starring: Elle Fanning, Jena Malone, Keanu Reeves

Suspiria meets Mulholland Drive in Nicolas Winding Refn’s über stylish slice of hipster horror. A fashion house giallo set in a sinister L.A., Elle Fanning stars as the doe-eyed ingenue who has “that thing” required to make it big in the cutthroat modelling business. That’s if she can survive sleazy photographers, a scumbag hotel owner (Keanu Reeves), and her jealous peers (Jena Malone and Bella Heathcote) who want to devour her glamour – literally, given eating disorders include cannibalism. Refn assaults the viewer with hypnotic and surreal visuals at the expense of narrative and pacing, but at least it’s a feast for the eyeballs.

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