Release Date: 8 Aug 2016
Format:  DVD Blu-ray

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, Ella Anderson, Peter Dinklage

Boss-The-dvD-bigOne day you’re the queen of the corporate world, with enough money to make Oprah green with envy.

Then you’re done for insider trading, discover more about the inside via a prison stint, and re-enter the world with nothing – the result of stepping upon pretty much everybody on your rise to the top. This is the story of Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy), who subsequently lumps herself upon her former assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) and young daughter while she endures a bout of self pity, before tasting her host’s brownies and plugging back into her entrepreneurial streak. Here we learn the lengths Darnell will go to in order to succeed – again. An interesting mixture of gross-out humour with a little heart folded in, The Boss has many laughs, although much like if you’ve scarfed a whole plate of brownies, you may feel a bit guilty afterwards.

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