Sir David Attenborough4K December 2019 - Seven Worlds, One Planet ventures into the wilds of our Earth once again to deliver us Seven Worlds, One Planet. So, how does the world where we live shape up on 4K Ultra HD? Does it deliver seven wonders, or one big blunder?

The story: Nowadays we know the Earth to have seven continents, but once they were all congealed in one big supercontinental lump known as Pangaea. When they separated, evolution over millions of years saw the variously distributed fauna adapt to their prevailing conditions. Via seven episodes – yes, one per continent – Seven Worlds, One Planet offers us a look at these creatures in their natural habitats today, often giving glimpses into rarely seen and alarmingly endangered species.

“Planet Earth has seven extraordinary continents, each one unique, each one full of life.”

The 4K disc: As we’ve come to expect from the BBC’s Natural History unit, Seven Worlds, One Planet comes to us in glorious, pure and incredibly detailed 4K. HDR enhancement just adds to the show, bringing a depth of colour and gamut from light to dark that is almost always simply stunning. At times it’s easy to fall into thoughts along the lines of, “Oh, it must be CGI,” but, of course, everything that we see here is real. Amazing!

Sound comes via Dolby Atmos – as long as you dive into the ‘Audio’ menu before playing and select it, as for some reason each of the three discs defaults to 5.1. While commentary comes clearly and cleanly from front and centre, the ambience at times is truly engrossing, as winds howl about the surrounds, birds chirp in the distance and predators thump down on their latest piece of kill.

A pleasing selection of extras appear on the third disc in the set, delivering short featurettes about diving beneath Antarctic ice, capturing fireflies and the highs and lows of capturing the incredible footage (monkey spit, anybody?!). There’s also a photo gallery, plus a brilliant ~53-minute On Location documentary.

Release date: December 19, 2019
Format: 4K Ultra HD
David Attenborough

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