4K March 2020 - Skyfall

Daniel Craig gets his 007 on for a third time in Skyfall. But how does the movie go on 4K Ultra HD? Does it shoot to kill, or does it miss the mark?

The story: If it isn’t enough that Bond’s loyalty to M comes into question, he also manages to cause a spot of fuss when a mission goes sideways and exposes the identities of MI6 agents worldwide. From Turkey (Istanbul, not Constantinople…) to Macau and China to Japan, events lead to an explosive climax for our man of action.

The 4K disc: Alright, we’re in 4K master territory, and Bond has never looked better. Also aided and abetted by Dolby Vision enhancement, the picture here is fabulous. Almost everything that you could want from a 4K Ultra HD picture is delivered, with incredible clarity and detail – Mr Craig does have a rather weathered face – and a super range of bright whites through to inky blacks exhibited throughout.

Over in the audio department, we have a very competent, but height channel eschewing, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix. You’d scarcely notice the lack of extra channels, as this is a huge mix that never fails to excite the ears, even in its quietest moments.

Extras fans will be keen to listen in on the two audio commentaries housed on the 4K disc.

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