4K March 2020 - Spectre

The 24th 007 outing is Spectre, and it’s now available on 4K Ultra HD. So, how does it scrub up? Should you add it to your Q?

The story: Bond goes rogue in Mexico City, which doesn’t go down too well with the new M – or his newly-appointed overlords, who want the 00 programme shut down as they consider it anachronistic. Meanwhile, what is this whole Spectre organisation thing, what are they up to and how does everything tie together? 007 may just have to visit the likes of Italy, Austria (once more) and Morocco to find out.

The 4K disc: You know that old saying about saving the best for last? Welcome to Spectre on 4K Ultra HD. This is as perfect an example as any as to why so many people rave about the format, and a showcase of what it’s truly capable of. Coming to us straight from a 4K master, the picture here really is stunning, offering immense levels of detail and clarity. Then there’s the added Dolby Vision, which takes all that detailed vision and bolsters the whites and blacks where it should, for a visual presentation that will blow away even the biggest non-believers.

While the audio accompaniment doesn’t venture into height channel territory, the DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 mix featured here is magnificent. The scene in Mexico near the start when a helicopter is swirling out of control puts the listener right in the midst of the action, and it’s one of the coolest examples of exciting surround channel usage that you’re ever likely to clap ears upon. The rest of the movie is no aural slouch, either, with solid bass and great balancing of soundtrack with dialogue.

There’s nothing in the way of bonus features on this single 4K disc release.

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