Movie buffs who grew up during the ’70s will have a soft spot for The Car – a vehicular take on Jaws that pitted James Brolin against a driverless Satanic sedan.

Now The Car has returned in this in-name-only sequel that has more in common with the Death Race franchise than the sinister original. It’s set in an ’80s version of a cyberpunk future city, where the spirit of a murdered DA is driven to seek revenge on his killers, possessing his automobile and turning them into roadkill. Throw in a cameo by Ronny Cox from the original and ample car-nage, and you’ve got a nostalgic throwback to the kind of sequel that dominated the VHS era.

Release Date: March 27, 2019
Format: DVD
 Micah Balfour, Jamie Bamber, Nina Bergman

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