Joining the micro-genre of puppets behaving badly – that includes Team America and Meet the Feebles – comes this tale of a 1980s TV cast who are being targeted by a killer.

You see, while puppets coexist with humans, they are spurned by society and considered inferior. Puppet P.I. Phil Philips reunites with his human ex-partner, Detective Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy), to track down the serial killer who murdered Phil’s brother and is now targeting the other members of ‘The Happytime Gang’. Directed by Brian Henson, son of muppet master Jim, one can only imagine what his late father might have thought of the crude shenanigans that ensue. Keep out of reach of children!

Release Date: November 21, 2018
Format: DVD, Blu-ray
 Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, Maya Rudolph

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STACK caught up with Happtytime Murders puppets, Goober and Phil (LANGUAGE WARNING: contains puppets swearing)…

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