4K March 2020 - The Jungle Book (2016)Disney’s live action/CGI take on Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book swings onto 4K Ultra HD. So, what’s it like? Does it reach its full potential, or does it just deliver the bare necessities?

The story: Young Mowgli may not look like a wolf, but as the abandoned human child was left to be raised by them he does a pretty good job of fitting in. Human-hating tiger Shere Khan doesn’t agree however, and threatens the boy’s life. Mowgli flees with the intention of finding the “man-village”, learning a lot about the good and bad things of life along the way from the protective panther Bagheera and super-chilled bear Baloo through to those who aren’t necessarily on the man-cub’s side.

“Many strange tales are told of this jungle, but none so strange as the tale of the cub we call Mowgli.”

The 4K disc: While it was filmed at 3.4K, The Jungle Book comes to us as an upscaled 2K presentation – because that’s what it was finished at for cinemas after the effects were completed. The good news is, however, that this is a splendid and beautifully detailed transfer, that highlights both those many spectacular animal effects as well as the real locations that were used. HDR only adds to the spectacle, bringing life to the colouring of all facets of the jungle from greenery to “red flowers” to King Louie’s temple, while darker scenes don’t suffer from any lack of clarity or detail.

The sonic presentation here comes via Dolby Atmos, and it’s fab. Much like many Disney 4K Ultra HD releases, it does require a little push above usual listening levels, but once that is done your viewing room will come alive with the sounds of the jungle. Kaa’s taunting of Mowgli is particularly impressive when it comes to surround usage, while the big storm is sure to delight those who are still justifying the purchase of those Atmos speakers – and that subwoofer.

This is a single 4K disc release that includes no extra features.

Release date: March 4, 2020
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Neel Sethi, the voices of Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson

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