4K November 2018 - The Sum of all Fears

It’s Ben Affleck’s turn to step into the shoes of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan in political thriller The Sum of All Fears. But how does it go on the 4K Ultra HD format? Is it really rather natty, or will it drive you quite batty?

The story: It’s time for a classic Clancy Russians vs the Americans tale, with CIA analyst Jack Ryan stepping in to help keep relations between the two countries from getting all “nucular”. With distrust between the two superpowers at a high, can our man Jack save the world? The Sum of All Fears blends the odd full-on action setpiece with a whole lot of political intrigue, and while it may stray from the original novel’s story at times, it makes for a enjoyable, often thrilling watch. Plus at one point you actually get to see Liev ‘Ray Donovan’ Schreiber smile!

“I can’t stop what I did not start.”

The 4K disc: Sitting between Clear and Present Danger and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit chronologically, and dating back to 2002, we weren’t sure what to expect visually after the extremes between those two 4K titles just mentioned. The result is, rather appropriately we guess, pretty much halfway between. CaPD had a very washed-out, greyish palette, whereas normal colour delivery was resumed for JR:SR. The Sum of All Fears doesn’t scream wild colour, but it also isn’t as bleak-looking as C&PD (or Patriot Games before it). The Dolby Vision HDR adds to the pure 4K presentation with solid blacks and appealing whites, while a fine and unobtrusive sheen of film grain is quite consistent throughout. Audio comes via a pre-existing Dolby TrueHD 5.1 mix that doesn’t go to town in the big bam boom stakes very often – this is a rather dialogue-heavy film – but when it’s called upon to let loose it is delightfully powerful. Two audio commentaries feature on the 4K disc, each featuring director Phil Alden Robinson, accompanied by author Tom Clancy on one, and cinematographer John Lindley on the other. Pop in the standard Blu-ray, included with this release, for a couple of featurettes and a trailer.

Release date: November 7, 2018
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Liev Schreiber

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