4K September 2019 - The World's EndWhat starts out as an epic pub crawl ends up rather WTF as Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s sci-fi comedy The World’s End hits 4K Ultra HD. So, is the release loaded, or has it all gone Pete Tong?

The story: Gary King may now be 40 years old, but his mind – and his wardrobe – still has him living somewhere amidst his late teens. Desperate to relive his glory days, Gary tries to get a band of mates – all of whom have gone onto the usual grown-up pursuits – back together to complete that which they didn’t manage back in the day in an epic 12-pub crawl towards the tavern known as The World’s End. Against all logic the five guys convene, but the trip down memory lane soon starts becoming really bloody strange. Oh, crumbs!

“Nothing suggested in the last three minutes has been better than ‘smashy smashy egg man’.”

The 4K disc: The newest of the three ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ flicks, not surprisingly this is the best-looking of the trio. While it offers some improvement over the standard Blu-ray just in the detail department, once again our old mate HDR comes along and ups the visual ante, bringing extra life to proceedings ranging from natural skin tones to unnatural blood hues. Nothing in the way of invasive grain is present, despite various film formats being used to create the movie. In all, this is a pleasing little transfer, even if it has been struck from a 2K master and upscaled.

Very much a film of one third and two other thirds, the first part delivers a cavalcade of top classic Brit indie tunes that sound great (well, when not totally in the background) via the new DTS:X mix afforded The World’s End. Once things take a turn for the bizarre story-wise, the new sonic landscape that we find ourselves in also benefits from the mix, with solid bass and fab use of the surrounds and height channels. Much like the 4K release of Hot Fuzz, we found the central dialogue a little thin up against the more boisterous soundtrack elements at times, but of course your mileage may vary.

Extras-wise, the 4K disc delivers a healthy three audio commentaries. Swap that shiny platter out for the included standard Blu-ray and you’ll be in for several treats, including featurettes, alternate footage, galleries and several more bits and pieces.

Release date: September 25, 2019
Format: 4K Ultra HD
Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine

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