The Tomb Raider movies starring Angelina Jolie were based on the earlier video games, whereas this reboot – with Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft – is based on the 2013 iteration.

It’s also closer in tone and spirit to the Indiana Jones adventures than the Jolie films, and that’s a good thing. Lara is a simple girl. She boxes at the local gym to keep fit and earns her small keep by running food deliveries. She’s barely getting by and could really do with the money left behind by her father, Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West). However, using that inheritance would also mean accepting that her dad is never coming back. He left years ago on a ‘work trip’ and hasn’t been seen since.

Lara decides to prove once and for all that he’s still alive, embarking on an adventure that takes her to an island of treasure hunters – led by rival archaeologist Mathias Vogel (Walton Goggins) – intent on raiding the tomb of an evil queen.

Vikander’s Lara is very different from her game counterpart and Jolie’s portrayal; more vulnerable, but just as agile when it comes to fighting off mercenaries, dodging booby traps, and taking leaps of faith. Invested with an old school, Raiders of the Lost Ark flavour, Lara’s return is one of the better video game adaptations of late.

Release Date:  20 June 2018
Format:  DVD Blu-ray 4K
  Alicia Vikander, Dominic West, Walton Goggins, Daniel Wu

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