4K June 2019 - Toy Story 3It’s been 11 years, and Andy’s now 17 and off to college. So what will happen to his once beloved playthings in Toy Story 3, and how does it all go down on 4K Ultra HD? Is it Lotso fun, or is that a bit of a Stretch?

The story: While Woody is set to make the trip to college with Andy, those who have survived several cuts are to be relegated to the attic – until distraction plays its part and they all accidentally get sent to Sunnyside Daycare, complete with Woody in rescue mode. It may not be so bad though, right? After all, there’ll be generation after generation of kids coming through, all wanting to play with them. Ah, but there’s a dark side to Sunnyside…

“You’ve got a playdate with destiny!”

The 4K disc: With those 11 years having passed between outings 2 and 3 of Toy Story, technology marched on in the sorts of leaps and bounds that would even have Buzz Lightyear envious. As such, the image on display here is several notches above its predecessors in fidelity. Small details and, in particular, textures are just lovely, and then there’s the kicker – HDR. The brightness that it adds in some scenes – a shining example being when the toys first encounter kids at Sunnyside – really is a joy to behold. The Blu-ray may look almost as detailed, but without the HDR it just can’t compete in the looker stakes.

Like the other two Toy Story 4K Ultra HD releases out this week, a new Dolby Atmos mix has been included with Toy Story 3. Also like those other two releases, this doesn’t go nuts in the overhead channels, but uses them for some good – and sometimes, quite appropriately, playful – emphasis at certain points. Rear surround channel use is gosh howdy swell, and the subwoofer channel packs suitable punch when called upon to serve.

Coming as a standalone 4K disc, there are no extra features included in this package. So, there’s no need to pack the Blu-ray away in the attic quite yet then.

Release date: June 5, 2019
Format: 4K Ultra HD
The voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack

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