4K November 2018 - Wreck-It RalphDisney’s colourful foray into the life of the denizens of a video game arcade, Wreck-It Ralph, bounds onto 4K Ultra HD. But is it worth dropping your coins on, or should you look for something else to play?

The story: Wreck-It Ralph is the big bad guy antagonist in arcade game Fix-It Felix, Jr., smashing buildings to bits so that the grinning little player-controlled titular character can fix them again. But after 30 years Ralph has realised that he doesn’t like being bad – nor the life that it entails. Just once he’d like to be the guy who eats cake, who gets invited to the parties, who sleeps inside – who gets a nice, shiny medal. His quest for the latter sees him sneak into another of his arcade’s games, Hero’s Duty, which leads him to subsequently crash into another game, Sugar Rush, and meet a girl named Vanellope. She has her own issues, and Ralph may just be the bloke to help her out. Bad guy, huh?

If you’ve not had the pleasure, Wreck-It Ralph is a true high point in Disney’s more recent movie outings, and – packed with references – is a must-see for anybody who loves video games old and/or new.

“I thought this would be like Centipede! When did video games become so violent and scary?”

The 4K disc: Even though due to the insane processing oomph that would be required for native 4K they’re almost always upscaled 2K presentations – like this one – animated features on 4K Ultra HD usually benefit hugely from the presence of something very special, HDR. Wreck-It Ralph is no exception, with the colour gamut boosting process making the movie burst into life in a way that we’ve never seen it before – and we’ve watched this flick a lot! This is a very bright movie generally, but you’ll not have seen the world of in-movie karting game Sugar Rush looking so delectable before – and look at all those classic 8-bit pixels pop! You won’t be cursing like Q*bert at this one.

The sound is also quite a treat, with a new Dolby Atmos mix that features some fab use of the extra Atmos channels to deliver an enveloping aural experience. Great news, too, is that it doesn’t require the usual extra volume ramping that previous Disney Atmos mixes have demanded – hopefully this is an indication that they’ve been listening.

While no extras feature on the 4K disc – jam the standard Blu-ray into your player for stuff like featurettes, deleted scenes and the theatrical Paperman short – there is an intriguing British English 5.1 audio track option. Putting our researcher cap on, it appears that it’s just a different voice for Calhoun’s fiancé. Seriously, stick with the yummy Atmos experience.

Release date: November 14, 2018
Format: 4K Ultra HD
The voices of John C Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer

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