Nic Cage is a very unique actor, who’s seemingly up for anything from low-budget cheesy to high-budget sleazy.

He’s passionate about his acting, as demonstrated in this fascinating 21 minutes wherein he speaks of some of his iconic roles, including turns in Raising Arizona, Con Air, National Treasure and Adaptation.

Cage also lets us in on his favourite film from his vast canon – it’s 1988’s Vampire’s Kiss.

From the people at GQ, it’s far from being a complete summary of his best roles (what, no Valley Girl?!), but you’d need a LOT more minutes to get that. Believe us when we say that it is quite mesmerising.

Meanwhile, Cage’s latest, Mandy, is showing this Friday, September 21 at a series of One Night Only event screenings at participating cinemas around Australia, proudly presented by Monster Fest and Madman Films.

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