Who can forget how they handed out LEGO Oscar statuettes when The LEGO Movie‘s nominated song Everything Is Awesome was performed at the 2015 Oscars? Were you jelly? Well, why not make your own? We did!

Well, actually we followed some handy step-by-step instructions that were kindly provided by ace Reddit user yorgie. They’re based on the actual statuettes handed out at the Academy Awards, which were created by LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya. Here’s his impossible-to-follow-unless-you’re-The-Flash time-lapse video…

Whoa, he used Kragle! We don’t recommend that, but we do recommend yorgie’s much easier to follow instructions, which you can download in PDF format here (warning: 6MB file). It uses (lots of) fairly basic LEGO parts, a list of which is at the end of the file.

Here’s (a rather dusty) one that we prepared earlier…

LEGO Oscar

…and here’s how happy one can make somebody!

In our next episode: We’ll show you how to make a LEGO Oprah!*


* Not really. Sorry.