Patrick Stewart has never shied away from voicing animation, from the likes of The Simpsons and American Dad! to 2017’s The Emoji Movie. He also lent his delightful voice to a seasonal short about a little girl, the Prince of Darkness and a typo.

Created by London ad agency Anomaly, Dear Satan tells the tale of a little girl who a: wants a puppy and b: is really lousy at spelling.

As such, her letter plummets to the depths of Hell, where Satan himself finds that he’s capable of feeling disgusting new emotions like pity, empathy and compassion – which make him vomit gallons of oil and bile into the faces of any poor unfortunates nearby.

It’s a fun twist on seasonal greetings – and we won’t go where we’d like to in connecting dots between the wonderful Mr Stewart, The Emoji Movie and Hell.

Smile! The Emoji Movie is available right now at JB Hi-Fi.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚