We caught up with The Last Kingdom‘s Alexander Dreymon (again) to chat about the show’s second season. 

**Minor spoilers ahead for The Last Kingdom Seasons 1 & 2 – you’ve been warned!**

How much has your character, Uhtred, changed since the first season?

In this second season we have quite a few more characters, we have more storylines, so I think the show is just gonna feel a bit more epic, a little bit bigger. Everything’s just on a grander scale. For my character, he goes through a lot in the second season. He has quite a few ordeals that he has to overcome.

You mentioned the addition of new characters – how do they fit into the story?

It’s around the second episode of Season 2 that we start meeting new members of my crew. Magnus Samuelsson plays a character who works for me – he’s the strongest man in the world. He’s quite an impressive guy, and he and I became good friends, and he was lovely to work with. Then you have Arnas [Fedaravicius], who plays Sihtric, and Mark Rowley who plays Finan – that’s kinda my tight-knit crew. We all got along so well, we had a blast working together and we became good friends. Then we meet Gisela [Peri Baumeister] , who is basically the love of Uhtred’s life. She becomes his wife, and she stays with us for a while too.” 


Were there any close calls when you were filming any of the stunts?

I think in every fight scene there are some injuries, but I think it’s a good thing, ’cause as long as they’re not too serious and they don’t keep you from shooting I think it’s good to have a little bit of real danger and adrenaline – it keeps it authentic. Of course, we work very hard to keep that from happening; we have an excellent stunt team surrounding us so it’s usually pretty safe.

In saying that, at the end of the second season we have this part where a character called Sigefrid breaks through a shield wall. The way we shot it was pretty impressive; we had all these guys who had build the shield wall, and a rider comes along and just goes full throttle toward the wall, and they open up at the last second to let him through. I was actually in the wall with a camera on me and he rode past, but so close that the axe that was bouncing off the flank of his horse hit me in the back of the head. I got knocked out for a second. I guess that’s probably the biggest injury that happened this season.

Is it a hassle having to sit through hair and make-up before every shoot?

It’s actually not that bad. I really enjoy my time in the make-up trailer because the department itself is so much fun. Our make-up designer, Kate Benton, always assembles an amazing team of make-up artists. It’s my favourite spot on the set, I’ve gotta say. You can always find a shoulder to cry on, or someone who’s gonna tell you a joke – it’s a good time. I don’t mind the hair and make-up that I have to go through – it’s probably the least dangerous spot on set.

What was it like getting to work with the likes of David Schofield?

Oh man, those guys were cool. We had so much fun with David on set – he’s got such a brilliant sense of humour. It was quite hard to keep a straight face quite often.

What should fans look forward to the most in Season 2?

I think I can say this without spoiling too much, ’cause the books kinda tell the story anyway, but when we avenge our father Ragnar, and save Thyra, I think that’s pretty epic. The storming of Dunholme, and that whole battle, is pretty cool as well. We definitely have a few cool battles lined up in Season 2.

The Last Kingdom: Season 2 is out on May 10.