Release Date: 18 January 2017
Format:  DVD

Starring: Jason Patric, Tom Stevens, Hope Davis, Djimon Hounsou

Review Wayward PinesWith the big twist revealed midway through the first season and much of the original source material from Blake Crouch’s books now exhausted, a fresh approach was always going to be required for a second series of Wayward Pines.

Fortunately, the creators – who include M. Night Shyamalan – are up to the challenge and have taken the show in some intriguing new directions, while retaining the fundamental chilling premise of the books. As hinted at in the final episode of the first series, Wayward Pines is now ruled by the Hitler Youth-ish First Generation led by the ruthless and fanatical Jason Higgins (Tom Stevens). However, his authority is challenged almost immediately by the newly awakened town doctor Theo Yedbin (Jason Patric), who fortunately adapts to his new surroundings more quickly than the first series’ bewildered hero, Matt Dillon. Nevertheless, the new doc is the least of Higgins’ problems: the community’s food stocks are dwindling and there are signs that the bloodthirsty creatures surrounding Wayward Pines may be smarter and more organised than the world’s surviving humans first thought.

As well as Patric, other new faces for season two include Nimrat Kaur (Homeland) as Yedbin’s estranged wife, Kacey Rohl (Hannibal) as Higgins’ girlfriend/advisor, and Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator) as one of the few survivors of the old regime. However, fans of the first series will be pleased to know that there are also cameos from season one regulars such as Terrence Howard, Carla Gugino and Melissa Leo, while Toby Jones reprises the role of Pilcher in flashback scenes which help fill in some of the gaps in the creation of the community.

There’s been no word yet whether Wayward Pines will be back for a third series, but if it doesn’t return, this provides a satisfying conclusion.

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