The latest instalment in the blockbuster Star Wars cinematic franchise made use of old footage from the first film. 

According to director Gareth Edwards, the old tapes were found when they visited Skywalker Ranch to have a look at all the old relics.

“We went to Skywalker ranch, and there’s the archives there,” the director told RadioTimes. “And as we’re walking around, and doing all the cool things and looking at the Millennium Falcon and trying on Han Solo’s jacket and things like that, in the back at the bottom was all these cans of film. And we said ‘what are they?’ and they said ‘Oh, it’s Star Wars… And you go ‘has someone gone through all this?’ And it’s like ‘not really, they’re not fully like digitised at all.’”

“We got the neg documents and found the clips from A New Hope that hadn’t been used,” Edwards said. “And there’s pilot photography and lines that were never featured in A New Hope. Through the magic of ILM, they cut ’round them and manipulated them and stuck them into our cockpits.”

“It’s the sort of thing you think, ‘how many people will notice?’ Do you know what I mean? It’s like, is this a lot of effort for very little reward? At the world premiere in LA, there was this massive cheer at a particular point in the film. It was the only time during the premiere where I actually punched the air.”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is in cinemas now.